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Racquetball vs Paddleball

Now, it is obvious that we are huge fans of badminton, but with so many other racket sports out there, it can be difficult to place your focus on just one.

Did you know that there are 31 racket sports in the world and these are played by millions of people over hundreds of countries? If there is anything that will bring people together, it has got to be racket sports.

But, with so many, it can quickly become confusing, and many people find themselves unsure of the intricacies between each sport.

We have placed a focus on a variety of different sports and compared them to badminton, but we felt that it was also important to look at other sports and see how they measure up to one another.

In this article, we are going to be looking at racquetball vs paddle ball - are they the same thing? Let’s find out!?

Racquetball vs Paddleball

Are Racquetball And Paddle Ball The Same Thing?

Nearly all racket sports have derived from the old game of tennis which was invented in the late 1800s and to this day remains one of the most popular racket sports in the world. There is no dyeing that tennis players are among some of the most elite sportspeople in the world.

Whilst both racquetball and paddleball took some inspiration from the game of tennis, and while they have a lot of similarities, they are two separate games.

What Is Racquetball?

Racquetball, unlike many racket sports, does not use a net but is instead played on a walled court, on which there are several serving and playing zones marked out in red.

Players use a stringed racket to hit a hollow rubber ball and score points. The game takes its origins from tennis, much like many other similar sports and can be played with either two or four players.

Each game lasts around 20 minutes and can be played on either an outdoor or an indoor court. This is known to be a very active game, and if you are looking for something that will give you a good cardio workout - this is it!

What Is Paddleball?

In a similar style to badminton, paddleball players try to work their way towards 21 points, and the game is played in rounds. It is played on a walled court that does not feature a net.

The paddle ball ball is small and black and has a little hole in the middle as this helps with airflow and speed.

Players use a paddle as opposed to a stringed racket which we see in many other games similar to this.

The critical elements of this game demand that players are super-fit and have an adequate level of strength. Unlike racketball, paddleball players tend to use up more of the court and spend longer moving around it.

Similarities Between Paddleball And Racquetball

Racquetball and paddleball are both played on a court, and unlike some other racket sports, these courts are a roughly similar size. The courts are around 20 x 40 foot in size, which is comparable to a badminton court. Tennis courts are much bigger.

Furthermore, the rules of the two games are very similar. This is likely because both games are played in a very similar environment and usually between the same number of players - singles and doubles matches.

Once again, it is easy to see how the two games got their roots from tennis when we look at the player setup. However, there is a key difference here that we will look at later on.

There are several things that are similar in both of these games to tennis, and this is why the two are often confused. After all, with all of those racket sports out there, it was evident that there would be a number of crossovers.

Unlike a vast number of other racket sports, there is no net in either paddle ball or racquetball. Rather, the players hit the ball against one of the court walls.

Additionally, it is known that racketball came after paddle ball and was somewhat inspired by the game. It is for this reason that you might sometimes hear people referring to it as paddle rackets.

Differences Between Paddle Ball And Racquetball

Of course, while the two games are incredibly similar, there are some clear differences. One of the most apparent is the equipment that we see being used in the two games.

The racket that is used in racquetball is extremely different from the paddle we see in paddle ball. This paddle is usually solid and will have a textured surface. In contrast, racquetball players use a stringed racket.

What’s more, the type of ball that is used is very different. Racquetball players use a hollow rubber ball which has been designed for speed and accuracy when it is hit against the wall. On the other hand, paddle ball players use a solid black ball that features a single hole for improved airflow.

Racquetball is played with either two or four players, but paddle ball can be played with just three players. This is the only major difference where the number of players is concerned. However, the score that the players must reach is different - in paddleball, it is 21 whereas racquetball players must reach 11 or 15 points to win the round.

In terms of length, a paddleball match will last much longer than its racquetball counterpart and player will use far more of the court. Racquetball tends to be more energetic and requires greater levels of speed and agility, whereas paddle ball needs concentration and strength.


Racquetball and paddle ball are two of many racket sports, and they do appear to be very similar. While this is true, there are many significant differences between the games, and it is important to point out that they are not the same.

Most notable, the two games make use of different equipment, and while the rules are similar, there are clear differences in scoring, which set them apart from each other without a doubt. 

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