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Best Badminton Brands

Every sport has certain brands that are associated with it, and badminton is no exception. Of course, players are free to go for the sports brands that they personally prefer, but there are some whose equipment is far superior and will, therefore, make you a better player.

In this article, we are going to be exploring some of the best badminton brands in the world, learning a little about each of these and looking at some of their best products.

Best Badminton Brands

There are many brands that product badminton equipment that is second to none, and most professional players will have a preference. Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop.


Widely recognised as one of the most reputable badminton racket manufacturers in the world, Yonex keep on bringing players quality, durability and innovation.

Their rackets are known to improve your game and are ideal for fast, high-paced games and accurate shots.

Just look at the Yonex Nanoray racket made from robust granite and carbon fibre, you can feel confident that it will stand the test of time. Furthermore, the flexible high string tension means that every hit will be on point.


Commonly associated with tennis, Wilson also produces some of the most incredible badminton products on the market.

Any pro player would recommend a Wilson racket to a newbie to the game, and for this reason, it is one of the most widely purchased brands in the world for this sport.

The company uses high-quality materials and pays close attention to the needs of the player, allowing them to develop some of the most sought after pieces of equipment in the game.

For example, the Wilson Blaze Series gives players the edge thanks to the lightweight design and durable construction. What’s more, Wilson crafts a host of other badminton related equipment such as shuttles, making them a diverse brand.

Li Ning

With its origins in China, Li Ning has fast become one of the world’s most well-loved badminton brands with many a pro player favouring their wares.

The brand makes a variety of badminton gear including rackets, shoes and bags. It is a massive favourite among beginners thanks to the easy to use design and top-quality materials.

Although it took some time, in recent years, Li Ning has taken over many other international brands and have broken the American and European markets with incredible success.

It is little wonder when you look at the quality of their goods such as the Ranger badminton shoes which offer supreme comfort and excellent grip.

Best Badminton Brands


Perhaps one of the most easily recognisable names in the world of badminton, Carlton has long been a favourite of both the pro and amateur badminton enthusiasts.

The brand is so confident in the quality of their rackets that they released the Carlton badminton system which promises players an improved game and heightened skill, only by using their products.

Rackets aside, Carlton is known for their superior badminton clothing and accessories, putting them at the forefront of their game.

Furthermore, the brand offers affordable gear such as the Carlton Tournament racket sets which are designed with the fast-paced action that badminton is so closely associated with along with durable and high-quality materials that combine to make some of the best products on the market.


For players that want to look good on the court as well as improve their game with the best equipment, Ashaway is one of the most popular brands. Their unique rackets are designed with style in mind, yet the quality is never compromised.

For these reasons, the company has become increasingly popular all over the world but are particularly well-loved in the United Kingdom where more and more players are favouring their rackets.

The products are slightly more pricey than some other brands, but if you want the best quality, you must be prepared to part with a little extra cash.

Take, for example, the Ashaway Phantom X-Fire which boasts a stunning aesthetic alongside a lightweight and robust design that even the most critical players would have a hard time putting down.


Senston is a brand that is synonymous with putting the fun into the game and as such, offer a wide variety of colourful and affordable products that boast excellence where quality is concerned.

They are well-known for supplying newcomers to the game, and their equipment is always made from top-quality materials.

For example, their shuttles offer precision flight along with an exciting design that cannot be compared to anything else.

Best Badminton Brands


Even if you aren’t a huge badminton fan, you’ll have likely heard of Victor, and this doesn’t come as a surprise since the brand is very closely associated with the game - mostly due to having the largest shuttlecock factory in the world!

Their rackets offer the user both power and incredibly lightweight design which puts them at the top of their game and is one of the main reasons that so many players choose them.

The Victor V-3100 Magan racket is one of the best in its class and is robust enough for everyday play but light enough to ensure consistent accuracy and power.


Babolat creates its products with the player in mind, and as such, each piece of equipment is guaranteed to meet the demanding needs of even the most pro players.

One of the most notable features of these rackets is how good the strings are. If you ask any player what Babolat are famed for, they will likely tell you that the string quality is far superior to anything else.

Their striking designs also attract many players who want to look good on the court. For example, the Babolat X-Feel, with its impressive aesthetic, also delivers on strength and quality.

What Is The Best Badminton Brand?

It is extremely difficult to say which is the best badminton brand since so many excellent ones exist. But perhaps Wilson and Carlton are some of the most well-recognised, especially among those who aren’t familiar with the sport.

Where quality is concerned, you get what you pay for, and some of the more expensive brands like Ashaway and Babolat offer quality that is unrivalled.

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