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How Often Should You Play Badminton?

It isn’t difficult to fall in love with badminton, and once you’ve caught the bug, you will likely want to play as frequently as possible. However, the question is then raised of how often you should play badminton - is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

In this article, we will be looking at how often you should take part in the sport and if using a predetermined schedule is the right thing to do, as well as looking at the best time to play.

Badminton should be practised around three to four times a week, but there are variations on this.

How Often Should You Play Badminton?

It can be very hard to fight the urge to go out onto the badminton court every day - but doing this could serve as a way to exhaust yourself.

Unless you are training to play in an elite tournament, practising every day isn’t generally a good idea. Most experts would suggest that playing three to four times a week will be sufficient. Even the most superior pro players have at least one day off a week, with many of them practising six days and taking the seventh to rest and recover. However, it is important to remember that these training sessions don’t just include actual playtime; they are made up of stretching and muscle training as well.

This gives you the chance to take a break in between games and let your body recover from the physical exertion that it is put through during practice, without compromising on your skills.

In fact, it is scientifically proven that humans learn better when given data in small chunks - and whilst this is generally applied in an academic sense, it is also fitting when learning sports skills.

You may also wish to consider how long each session is. Again, it can be tempting to spend a day playing, but it is essential not to put too much physical strain on yourself. Sessions of three to four hours tend to be best if you can manage this.

What Is The Best Time To Play Badminton?

Unless you are a professional athlete whose life is dedicated to their sport, it can be challenging to find the time to play and fitting your badminton sessions around your other commitments is usually the best way to do things.

However, many people still wonder whether there is a best time to play badminton?

A scientific study was taken on badminton players, and it may surprise you to learn that the optimum time to play was at 6 pm.

The reason for this was that the test subjects demonstrated far better grip, strength and flexibility at this time. What’s more, the players were also able to react more quickly, and their gross motor performance was seen to be far more intense. Could this be linked to having been alert for most of the day and therefore ‘prepped’ for play or is there another reason for this?

One of the suggested reasons that early evening is better for playing badminton is to do with the body temperature of the players - this provides the best conditions for muscle movement, flexibility and strength.

In contrast, fine motor skills are thought to be at their best during the morning as the brain is far more alert after being so well-rested through the night. However, one of the biggest issues for players looking to practice in the morning is that their bodies have not had the chance to wake up and many people will find that they lack the physical motivation that is required for effective practice.

What Is The Best Time To Play Badminton?

Is It OK To Play Badminton After Dinner?

If you have spent a long day at work and finished a delicious evening meal, the natural thing to want to do next might be to indulge in a spot of your favourite sport.

We all know that swimming directly after eating can cause cramping and discomfort, but does the same concept apply when talking about other sports such as badminton?

Most people would agree that jumping directly onto the court from the dining table isn’t the best idea - you’ll likely feel too full to play, plus your performance may be affected due to you being slower after a heavy meal.

If your stomach is full of undigested food, this can have an adverse effect, and it is widely accepted that waiting for at least an hour after a light snack before playing sports is best. Where a large meal like dinner is concerned, doctors recommend waiting around three hours before engaging in heavy activity.

Since 6 pm has been proven to be the best time to play badminton, you might decide to get on the court before dinner to make the most of your naturally increased skill at this time.

Furthermore, arming your body with a healthy snack one hour before your game could increase your energy levels and see you perform far better. These snacks could include fruit, porridge, yogurt or wholegrain toast.


Badminton is a very physically demanding sport and playing when you first wake up in the morning will likely yield worse results than playing during the early evening.

However, since science suggests that the optimal time for playing badminton is at 6 pm, this can clash with your evening meal - so you’d play after this, right?

In fact, playing after your evening meal could make things even worse. One of the best badminton schedules to follow is playing in the early evening before eating your dinner.

What’s more, most badminton players can play three to four times a week in order to maintain a healthy level of skill.

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