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Is Badminton An Indoor Or Outdoor Game?

Badminton is a popular sport that can be played both indoor and outdoor. There are no formal rules about what type of court you play on, or if you play indoors or outdoors, but there are some technical differences between the two.

When you play indoors, you don’t have to contend with wind, which can affect how hard you can hit the shuttlecock. However, you are playing in a smaller space, so there is less room to run around to get to all the shots. In addition, you can hit shots with more power indoors, meaning it is easier to get a shot over the net if you are playing with a skilled partner.

When played as a hobby sport with the family, a lot of people will play badminton outdoors – perhaps in a field at a family picnic or even in the back garden. In contrast, you will notice that pro players are always indoors – but is there a reason for this?

In this article, we will be looking at whether badminton is an indoor or outdoor game and what the reason behind this is.

Is Badminton An Indoor Or Outdoor Game?

Can Badminton Be Played Outdoors?

If you are only playing badminton as a leisure activity, there is no limit on where you can play - indoors or outdoors is fine.

However, in a professional tournament, players are required to compete in an indoor court, and there are several reasons for this.

Why Is Badminton Played Indoors?

The most obvious and primary reason that badminton matches cannot take place outdoors is because of the wind factor. The very nature of the shuttle means that the slightest breeze could cause it to veer off course. Regardless of the skill and experience of the player, this can and does have a drastic effect on whether they win or lose.

The wind may also affect the speed at which the shuttle flies - these are incredibly lightweight pieces of equipment and compared to heavy tennis balls can be easily influenced by the wind. One of the most notable points of a game of badminton is the speed, and this is very easily impacted when playing on an outdoor court.

Additionally, one player may have had a vast experience in outdoor matches, and this could give them an advantage. Therefore, indoor play sets a neutral ground for all players taking part.

Furthermore, visibility may be dramatically reduced when playing on an outdoor court. Once again, this is down to the nature of the shuttlecock. These light and often challenging to spot pieces of equipment could fly through the air on a bright day and go completely unnoticed by the players. This would mean that their performance is once again affected.

Of course, the weather cannot be predicted and whilst many sports are optimised for outdoor play, the badminton court may become particularly slippery during a bout of rain. Not to mention that this type of weather would also affect the players’ visibility.

Badminton, by its very nature, is a dangerous game, with many players experiencing ankle and leg injuries owing to the vigorous movement during play. If we add a slippy court into the mix, the likelihood of an injury would be vastly increased, and of course, this poses a risk to anyone competing in the event.

Rain brings about even more problems owing to the weight of the shuttle. These projectiles are designed to slow down once they are hit, and this is because the feathers act as a parachute of sorts. However, if they are exposed to water, they can become far heavier, meaning that the entire aerodynamics of the shuttle is changed.

Those who play badminton spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their hits, and despite common belief, this isn’t an easy accomplishment.

If all of the precision and power that goes into each shot were performed in an outdoor environment, the player’s efforts would have gone to waste.

It simply isn’t possible for a badminton player to achieve the same results when playing outdoors as they would on an indoor court.


If you are eager to get outdoors and into the fresh air but still want to play badminton, all is not lost. In 2000, the game of Crossminton was invented, which is something of a hybrid, composing elements of our beloved game along with squash and tennis.

The creator of the game wanted to make a version of badminton that could be played outdoors without being affected by the wind - and so, Crossminton was born.

As opposed to a shuttlecock which is used in badminton, Crossminton players fire a speeder across the court. These pieces of equipment were designed for outdoor use, unlike the shuttle.

Which Shuttle Is Best For Outdoor?

Which Shuttle Is Best For Outdoor?

Whilst, it will always be preferable to play a round of badminton indoors, there is, of course, a massive call for outdoor games. For this reason, many sports equipment manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to create shuttles that are better for outdoor use.

These shuttles still don’t feature the ideal heavier weight that would make them perfect for playing outdoors. The reason for this is that creating an object like this would take away from the nature of the game and cause it to feel more like tennis - something that is abhorrent to many badminton enthusiasts.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the best shuttles for playing outdoors.

Yonex Mavis 2000

Yonex is incredibly famous for crafting badminton equipment that far outranks other brands in terms of excellence. Their Mavis 2000 shuttles are widely recognised as being better for playing outdoors, for a number of reasons.

  • Improved durability
  • Better centre of gravity for more accurate flight
  • Consistent flight
  • Ability to work well in a range of temperatures


Badminton, in a professional sense, is a game which is always played indoors. Not only does this mean that the players are given an equal chance at the game since wind and other weather factors are removed, but the court is far safer.

Many hobby players will go outdoors to play, but it can be much harder to spot the shuttle as it flies through the air, this is especially true on bright days.

That being said, there is now a hybrid racket game that closely resembles badminton and can be played outdoors. Furthermore, there is a good selection of shuttles that can perform relatively well outdoors. But in truth, your game will always be better when played on an indoor court.

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