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Badminton vs Squash

With so many racket sports out there, it is not surprising that a lot of people struggle to understand the often subtle differences between them all. Badminton and squash are two similar games in many ways, but when you look at the bigger picture, it is not hard to see that the differences are far more significant.

Still, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with this and when trying to decide on which sport will be best for you, knowing the differences can make a difference.

In this article, we will explore a little about squash and compare it to badminton to see how they are alike and how vastly different they really are.

Badminton vs Squash

A Little Bit About Squash

Squash is a hugely popular game and has as many as 20 million players around the world - it’s no wonder then that it is one of the most commonly recognised racket sports in the world.

But aside from being so well-loved, this is a serious game that takes some grit and determination to win.

The game is played on a boxed court and is normally played in matches between two or four players - singles or double games, much like any other racket sport.

It is thought that squash came from an old racket name, aptly named ‘rackets’ which was played in prisons in London in the 1800s.

However, the game had since developed and was believed to have gotten its name from a boys school where players noticed how the rubber ball literally ‘squashed’ against the wall when it was hit - who said racket sports inventors weren’t creative!

In squash, the players must hit the ball against one of the playable walls, but the ball is only allowed to touch the floor, or bounce, once - this makes squash quite a demanding game, physically speaking.

What Are The Similarities Between Badminton And Squash?

Of course, the most significant similarity between the two games is that both make use of a racket and both games are played on a court. The court for both games is set indoors, whereas a lot of racket sports are played outdoors.

The number of players is also the same, with both sports having either singles or doubles games with 2 or 4 players respectively.

Some of the equipment in squash and badminton is different, but the shoes that players must wear are very similar in nature and are designed to offer a good grip on the floor of the court.

Finally, the scoring system of both games is quite similar. This is because they both operate on a rally system which means that as the game progresses, either player can score on a single serve.

What Are The Differences Between Badminton And Squash?

While the two games are similar in a small number of ways, the differences are far more evident. Let’s begin with one of the most apparent. The sports are both played on an indoor court although badminton players hit their shuttle across the court and over a net.

In contrast, squash players will use a rubber ball, and this is hit against any of the playable walls - there is no net in sight.

The squash court is a lot shorter than the badminton court, although it is much wider. What’s more, the equipment that is used may look similar in that all players use a racket, but there are differences between a badminton racket and a squash racket.

As a rule of thumb, a squash racket will be slightly longer and sometimes a little wider, and they may be somewhat more weighty. There are also two different shapes for squash rackets, whereas those used for badminton are much more uniform.

Next, and we are going to get a little more technical, but bear with us. In squash, players will only ever use one grip. This means that the position of their hand remains the same throughout every shot. In contrast, there are subtle nuances between different grips in badminton depending on the shot. This is quite common in tennis also.

In badminton, players will have an incredible amount of footwork, and this is exceptionally varied. Players must lunge, jump and move around the entire court in order to hit the shuttlecock. However, on the squash court, the players will need to move in a more side to side manner, and there is some sprinting involved. This brings us onto our next point…

Badminton vs Squash

Which Is More Physically Demanding - Squash Or Badminton?

It would be impossible to say which sport was more physically demanding because both require equal levels of fitness. However, one might suggest that you could be better at one over the other if you compared your abilities.

For example, someone who was more agile and resistant would likely thrive on the badminton court. In contrast, a person who was strong and had a lot of stamina would generally do better at squash.

Both sports need players who are able to perform at high levels for long periods of time and who are easily able to move around the court and take part in sudden lunges and jumps. For this reason, you might consider working only our reaction times to improve your game.

There is no doubt that playing either sport would be beneficial to your cardio health and would help to burn calories for those who are looking to stay in shape.


Badminton and squash are both incredibly interesting sports, and if you take them at face value, they may appear to be very similar. However, there are some key differences between the two, despite them both being racket sports that are played on an indoor court.

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