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Best Yonex Badminton Racket

If you’re new to badminton, it might come as a surprise that there can be so many different types, styles, and brands of badminton rackets. 

But if you’re an active badminton player, then you will know that Yonex is one of the best and most reliable brands, especially for badminton rackets.

Best Yonex Badminton Racket

When it comes to buying sports equipment, it’s really important to find something that is perfect for you. For sports, the phrase “a bad workman blames his tools” doesn’t (always) apply because even if you’re a great badminton player, your abilities won’t truly shine through if you don’t have a good quality racket.

To help you find the perfect racket for your game, we’ve put together a list of the best Yonex badminton rackets so you can get to playing.


Our top pick for the best Yonex badminton rackets is this Voltric racket due to its combination of ease of use and powerful hit.

An interesting feature of this Yonex Voltric badminton racket is its tri-voltage system which works to make sure its hit power is as strong as possible. The tri-voltage system balances the weight of the racket at the base of the head and the top half of the head frame.

This style is different from a lot of other rackets which have a heavier head frame to improve hitting power. A heavy frame can be very difficult to handle, so the balanced weight is a great way of creating an easy to use racket that still has a powerful hit. 

This is a powerfully strung racket, made even more powerful by its fully graphite frame. Although graphite can be heavy, it is also thin which reduces air resistance and also improves handling and accuracy.


  • Full cover included
  • Made from strong graphite
  • Tri-Voltage System


  • Weak handle grip


Although the price may appear a little higher than usual, when you consider that this set includes two Yonex rackets and a tube of Mavis shuttlecocks, this is a great deal.

This set includes two rackets of really good quality. Any Yonex badminton racket is guaranteed to be of high quality, but you can really trust the B-350. With a steel shaft and aluminum head, you know that these rackets will last you a long time (and be able to keep up with you).

Quality is also guaranteed from the inbuilt t-joint. A t-joint is (not surprisingly) a joint that is shaped like a “T” that is attached over the place where the racket head and shaft meet. The t-joint reinforces the joint to make sure the racket remains sturdy and doesn’t become loose.


  • Includes 2 rackets and 1 tube of Mavis shuttlecocks
  • Lightweight 
  • T-Joint


  • Does not include head covers


Compared with other brands, Yonex rackets are definitely expensive. Compared with other Yonex rackets, the Nanoray Light 18i is expensive still.

But, this is a good quality and durable racket that you can trust will last a long time and potentially save you money int the long run. If you are a regular badminton player, you should invest in a good quality racket. If you don’t, you may find yourself having to buy new rackets again and again as they break or become loose which is expensive.

With a frame made entirely of graphite, you know that this racket is strong and will be able to withstand a lot. No matter how hard you play, you will have a hard time breaking this racket. 

Another way that this racket is good value for money is that it comes with a full-length cover. Even though covers are very useful things to have, they often need to be bought separately. But, included in the price with this racket, is a good quality and full-length cover.


  • Strong, graphite frame
  • Built-in t-joint
  • Full cover included


  • Expensive


This is a unique racket as it is made from a combination of aluminum and graphite. This is a racket made from durable and good quality materials that you know will last.

This kind of material is strong, but it is also heavy. 0.6 pounds may not seem like much, but it is almost twice as heavy as the average racket, so consider this before you purchase. 

A heavy racket isn’t good or bad, that all depends on you. If you’re big and strong, then you need a big and strong racket, if you’re smaller then you will likely need a lightweight racket. (That’s not a hard and fast rule however, there are plenty of people, especially athletes, who are small but mighty). The best thing to do is consider your abilities and find the racket that suits them best.

The shape of this racket is another great element. Its box shape stops the racket twisting when the shuttlecock hits it, giving you more control, power, and accuracy. Enhanced control and accuracy also comes from the titanium mesh used in the racket head. 

The titanium mesh is strong and will provide a powerful impact so this racket is better suited to more experienced badminton players who already know how to control a racket.


  • Graphite and aluminum frame
  • Titanium strings


  • Heavy


As you might have guessed from the name, this Yonex Muscle Power racket is an intense piece of kit. This is a strong and durable racket that is best suited for intermediate players.

If you’re a beginner, you will need something lightweight and easy to handle. This will help you to become used to the movement of the racket and perfect your technique, before moving on to something more difficult.

Strong rackets like this will provide a powerful hit which you might not be able to handle if you’re not prepared. You might even hurt yourself. 

The appearance of your racket might not be the first thing that you consider when looking for a new racket (but it’s okay if it is!). When it comes to skill and technique, the color of your racket won’t make any difference, but it’s still nice to have something that is a color you like and maybe even something that matches your kit. 

Who knows, it might just make training that bit more fun and actually make you want to practise (even when you would rather not). This racket has 9 different colors available so, if you want to, you can choose one in whatever color you like best.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made from strong graphite and aluminium
  • Built-in t-joint
  • Full cover included


  • Slightly more expensive than average.

Best Badminton Racket Buying Guide

Buying a racket is more difficult than you might think, especially when you’re looking at one specific brand. Even if you’re set that you’re going to invest in a Yonex racket, you still need to understand exactly how their rackets differ. 

To help you find your perfect fit, here are a few things to remember and consider when you’re looking for a new Yonex racket.

It’s Personal

Buying sports equipment can be expensive, but don’t be deceived: an expensive racket does not equal a good racket. For any sport, it’s important to find the equipment that works best for you, and that might not always be the most expensive or most high-tech.

Just because something costs a lot of money or has a load of amazing features that claim to improve your game, that doesn’t mean it will. 

With a racket, you need to find something that isn’t too heavy or too light and is made from a material that you can control. There’s no point buying a racket that will go flying out of your hand as you’re aiming at the shuttlecock or one that you can barely get up in the air in the first place.

Don’t feel like you have to get anything fancy. If the most expensive and most high-tech racket is the one that suits you best, then that’s fine. But buying something that doesn’t suit you will only hurt you in the long run.

Your racket should work with you, not for you. 


With a good quality and sturdy racket then you will only ever need to buy a few rackets. Depending on how often you play, this may be the only racket you ever have to buy.

Buying sports equipment is like buying a pair of shoes: if you buy a cheap, poor quality pair then you will wear them out and keep having to buy them again and again which will keep costing you time and money. But, if you invest once in a strong, good quality pair, you won’t ever have to buy another pair again.


If you’re a beginner, you will need something lightweight and easy to handle. This will help you to become used to the movement of the racket and perfect your technique, before moving on to something more difficult. 

Strong rackets like this will provide a powerful hit which you might not be able to handle if you’re not prepared. You might even hurt your wrist or shoulder if you’re not physically ready for something so tough. 

If you’re a beginner, something made from aluminium will be durable but easier to handle. As an intermediate or higher, try something like graphite or titanium. These stronger materials will be challenging at first, but be more powerful and will help you practise control and perfect your technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Yonex rackets good for beginners?

Yonex rackets are great quality and so are great for players with any experience level. One thing that might cause beginners to avoid Yonex is the price. Due to their quality and durability, Yonex rackets can be on the expensive end of the scale. 

If you are just getting into badminton, you might want to buy a cheaper racket so that you haven’t invested in something expensive and then find out later that you don’t like or enjoy it.

But, if you want to do well from the very start, it is definitely a good idea to invest in a Yonex racket. Although you don’t have to invest in something expensive in order to play well, a bad quality racket might be affecting how you play and how much you enjoy playing. 

If your racket is loose and you have to keep fixing it or if it is too light or too heavy, it could be making the game more challenging than it should be, which can take the fun out of playing.

Are Yonex rackets used by professional badminton players?

Yes, some of the best badminton players in the world use Yonex rackets. If the professionals trust them, then you definitely can.

Is it spelled racket or racquet?

This might not be the most important thing to know when you’re starting out with badminton, but let’s clear it up anyway. 

You have probably seen many different spellings of the word racket and, like many words in the English language, spelling and pronunciation can change country by country, and even in different regions within those countries. 

Usually, the answer to a question like this is that the more complicated spelling is the original “proper” spelling and the simpler one is a mistake written by people who have only ever heard the word. But not in this case.

“Racket” is the most common spelling and there is nothing wrong with it. “Racquet” is less common but some do insist that it is the “correct” spelling, but it is actually a misspelling of the French.

So, both spellings are fine to use (and don’t let anyone correct you if you spell it “racket” in your team group chat…).

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