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Best Badminton Shoes

Anyone who plays badminton will know that any slip or delay will affect the player’s performance in this fast-paced game. It requires quick movements and direction changes from players.

To be successful on the badminton court, players should be able to run from one corner of the court to the other with maximum speed to hit the shuttle back towards the opponent.

A good-quality pair of badminton shoes will help players navigate the court efficiently, so it’s worth spending some time thinking about the best option for you. 

As badminton is a physically demanding sport where vigorous movement is needed, it’s important to find a pair of lightweight shoes that will allow you to have free movement in order to avoid injuries.

If you’re looking for the best pair of badminton shoes for you but aren’t quite sure where to start, look no further! We’ve researched all there is to know about badminton shoes to bring you our comprehensive list of the five best badminton shoes on the market.

Best Badminton Shoes

Shoes that feature a gum rubber sole are often recommended for badminton players as they offer players control, grip and traction. A gum rubber sole would be best suited for those that play on a wooden court, while as there are a couple of different options for players that use a cement court.

Before investing in a pair of badminton shoes, customers should think about the size and fit, soles, traction, grip and cushioning. We will explore all the key factors you’ll want to think about before choosing your badminton shoes in our handy buyer’s guide, and answer some common queries in our useful frequently asked questions section. 

In a hurry to find the perfect badminton shoes for you? 

Why not take a look at our top pick the ASICS Gel Rocket 9 Indoor Court shoes?

Lightweight and comfortable, these breathable badminton shoes are high-quality and affordably priced. Designed with a gel cushioning system that offers shock-absorbing support, these shoes are perfect for the beginner to intermediate badminton player.


ASICS Gel Rocket 9 Indoor Court Shoes


LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Breathable Badminton Shoes


Head Grid 2.0 Low Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)


ASICS Gel Rocket 9 Indoor Court Shoes

Our top pick is the ASICS Gel Rocket 9 badminton shoe, which is both lightweight and breathable. These shoes are often marketed by the ASICS brand as volleyball shoes, however they are ideal for indoor court sports including badminton and squash.

This style is affordably priced and designed with a cushioned footbed to provide additional cushioning and prevent discomfort. The foam-padded collar and breathable mesh lining maximize comfort and mean that your feet are less likely to overheat on the court.

The shoe features a rear and forefoot Gel cushioning system that offers shock-absorbing support and free movement through the gait cycle. For added stability on the court, these shoes feature the ASICS Trusstic System technology, which essentially consists of a molded component under the midfoot area that works to control torsion and help you change direction quickly by reducing the weight of the sole.

The shoes feature a rubber and gum outsole that contains more natural rubber content than other traditional solid rubber soles, which is designed to increase traction on court systems.

The EVA sock-liner effectively molds to the shape of your feet over time, so they should be a comfortable and forgiving option. The gel rocket range continues to be a popular choice for badminton players as the shoes are both high-quality and affordably priced.

These shoes are perfect for the beginner to intermediate badminton player.


  • Ideal for indoor court sports
  • Designed with cushioned footbed for maximum comfort 
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate players 
  • Shock-absorbing support 
  • Rubber and gum outsole for increased traction 
  • Sockliner molds to the shape of your feet over time
  • High-quality 
  • Affordably priced


  • A couple of reviewers commented that the sizing runs large and may be less suitable for players with a narrower foot


LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Breathable Badminton Shoes

The Saga Lightweight Badminton shoes from the LI-NING store offer players a high-quality comfortable shoe that would be ideal for the court.

Available in 5 stylish colors, the LI-NING badminton shoe has been designed to incorporate many useful features to maximize comfort and performance, including an anti-collision toe which provides an extra layer of reinforcement along the inside front and toe area of the shoe to protect you from injury or discomfort.

The rubber multiflex outsole of the shoe is designed to be abrasion-resistant and anti-skid, which should help to improve your speed and performance on the badminton court. The flexible soles also feature multiple pivot points which increase the level of comfort and protection for the player.

Another useful feature on the LI-NING badminton shoes is the cross strap construction at the heel of the shoe, which allows users to adjust the tightness of the shoe for maximum stability and to reduce the possibility of injury to the ankle.

The combination of the air mesh and synthetic leather means that the shoes are very breathable and would be ideal for intensive exercise sessions. 

You won’t have to spend too much to get your hands on these shoes either as they are available at an affordable price. It’s easy to see why the LI-NING badminton shoes are such a popular choice, and you’ll find plenty of positive reviews for these online.


  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Available in 5 stylish colors
  • Designed to maximize comfort and performance 
  • Anti-collision toe for additional protection 
  • Flexible soles feature multiple pivot points
  • Adjustable cross strap for comfort and stability 
  • Breathable fabric
  • Affordably priced 
  • Many positive reviews online


  • Some customers commented that they found the shoe colors appeared too bright


Head Grid 2.0 Low Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)

The Grid 2.0 Low Indoor Court shoes from the HEAD brand definitely make our top five. Designed to be lightweight with an air-mesh upper, these non-marking shoes are perfect for use on the badminton court.

The shoes feature an innovative ‘climate control’ cooling system within the shoe that helps to maintain breathability by absorbing and releasing excess heat build-up. If you’re looking for a badminton shoe that would work well for a more intensive exercise session or regular use, the Head Grid court shoes could be just what you need.

The brand’s HyBrasion technology is incorporated into the high-stress areas of the shoe soles to protect the feet and increase the longevity of the shoe. The Head Grid court shoes offer good support, grip and traction so you can play with confidence on the court.

They also provide toe drag resistance and hard-wearing resistance on any surface. Affordably priced and durable, the head grid would make a great choice for anyone that plays badminton regularly and needs a shoe that’s been built to last.

These shoes would also be suitable for other indoor court-based sports such as squash, volleyball and pickleball. Choose between the white/navy color and a chic black/white alternative. 


  • Lightweight design 
  • Cooling system helps to maintain breathability
  • Air-mesh upper 
  • Non-marking 
  • Offers good support, grip and traction 
  • Affordably priced
  • HyBrasion technology
  • Suitable for other indoor court-based sports 
  • Available in 2 different colors


  • Some reviewers noted that the seams came apart after long periods of frequent, continued use


Jazba GECKOR 2.0 Breathable Court Shoes

Our next choice has to be the Jazba GECKOR 2.0 court shoes. These lightweight, durable shoes are non-marking and offer excellent grip and control for badminton players.

The anti-skid natural gum and rubber sole increase the overall durability and grip on any court surface, making these shoes a good option if you’re looking for something that will offer you a little more stability on the court.

The Jazba GECKOR 2.0 shoe is packed with useful design features that serve to enhance the player’s speed and performance, including high compression side wings which provide stability for lateral movements, allowing you to move across the court freely and comfortably. An abrasive coated toe bumper protects the toes from injury.

The shoe is incredibly versatile and offers great flex for agile movements and jumps, making it perfect for badminton. A high compression midsole provides high-quality comfortable cushioning, so you should be able to use them for longer badminton sessions without experiencing any issues.

The TPU stability bar supports the foot and prevents it from twisting while you play. You should also find that the ergonomically designed insole has a light and bouncy feel which should give you a boost on the court.

The GECKOR 2.0 shoe is well-ventilated to help keep your feet cool and dry as you play. 


  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Offers excellent grip and control 
  • Anti-skid natural gum and rubber soles
  • High compression side wings 
  • Offers flex for agile movements and jumps 
  • Comfortable cushioning 
  • Stability bar supports the foot 
  • Well-ventilated


  • Some reviewers commented that they found the shoe sizing runs small


Mishansha Men’s Court Shoes

Our final choice is the Mishansha Men’s Court Shoes. These badminton shoes are a very budget-friendly choice, so if you’re looking for a high-quality pair of shoes at a reasonable price, they could be perfect for you.

Available in eight fashionable colors, you’ll be sure to impress your badminton friends with these shoes. The Mishansha shoes are made of synthetic leather with a breathable mesh fabric, which is designed to maintain airflow and keep the feet cool and dry during exercise.

The ergonomic design and foam insole help to enhance comfort and reduce friction. You should also find that the anti-slip soles on this style offer good grip and are wear-resistant.

The combined elastic midsole and anti-slip rubber outsole help to increase traction and shock absorption.

The Mishasha Court shoes are an increasingly popular choice with many reviewers noting that they have been pleased with the level of comfort and support, and found that the shoes were a good fit. 


  • Budget-friendly choice 
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Available in 8 fashionable colors
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Anti-slip soles 
  • Increased grip, traction and shock absorption 
  • Popular choice


  • A couple of customers said that they found the shoes were a little hard to break in

Best Badminton Shoes Buying Guide

Traction and Grip

Looking at the traction and grip is essential when choosing the best pair of badminton shoes. The type of sole you should go for depends on the type of court you play on. If you play on a wooden or PU court, shoes with gum rubber soles will probably be your best bet.

Gum rubber soles provide good traction on the court but they often attract dirt which can reduce traction and cause you to slip, so should not be worn off the court. If you plan to use the shoes on cement surfaces, however, a normal rubber sole should do the job nicely. 


Badminton shoes should provide good cushioning to protect and support the feet as you play. A good cushioning system will help to absorb any impact on your feet as you move around the court and distribute weight evenly across your feet. It will also allow you to play comfortably and reduce any stress on your joints. 


As badminton is a fast-paced game that requires quick movements, a good pair of badminton shoes should be lightweight to enable you to move across the court easily. Shoes that are too heavy are likely to slow you down and affect your performance on the court. 


It is a good idea to pick a badminton shoe that is made using breathable materials. Many badminton shoes are produced using synthetic materials which are often mixed with other kinds of material to achieve a high-quality finish.

Look for a shoe which features a good ventilation system or mesh lining to help keep your feet as cool and dry as possible while you play. 

Ankle Support 

It’s important to find the right balance with ankle support on badminton shoes. You’ll want some ankle support for protection but not so much that you can’t move freely around the court.

Choosing a shoe with flexible ankle movement will mean that you’ll have a free range of motion that will allow you to move quickly and jump when needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good badminton shoe?

A good badminton shoe will be lightweight, breathable and well-ventilated. The feet will be well-supported by cushioning for comfort and protection. The soles should offer players good grip and traction to allow them to navigate the court freely and safely.

They should ideally be ergonomically designed and non-marking. 

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