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Lets in Badminton

Let us now move on to the different opportunities of Lets in the Badminton games. Here is a complete breakdown of the different situations that may arise to call a Let in badminton game. We will try to elaborate every rule and situations persisting thereon so that you are completely aware of the said rules and make sure when to call a Let during the game to avoid any disputes arising thereon.

Lets in Badminton

Given below is a complete list of the Lets in a game of badminton.

  • Server commencing with the service even before the receiver gets the opportunity of being ready
  • Both the server and receiver are faulted
  • In a situation arising with the shuttlecock getting caught on or inside the nets.
  • When the shuttlecock falls apart.
  • Any occurrence of multiple shuttlecocks or outside disruptions on the court
  • A close call between in or out
  • An arising of an unexpected or accidental situation

What is a Let in badminton?

Before explaining the different situations needed to call a Let, we need to explain to you all about the term Let in badminton. A Let is a term used for ending the rally to replay the point. In this case, the server gets the chance of serving again to the same receiving player, and the score doesn't change.

The game will take on at its pace, and the last service will not take into account. The referees or the players in the absence of the referee will be entitled to shout for a "Let" and participate in the rally to replay under the following situations to follow suit.

  • Server commencing with the service even before the receiver gets the opportunity of being ready

As already discussed, the game's piece is always driven by the receiver, and the server needs to wait for the receiver to get ready before they can serve. Only when the receiver signals that he is ready d day at the server must get on with the service.

In this case, if the receiver does not make any attempt to return the service and gestures that he wasn't ready, the service will take place once again.

However, if, by any chance, the receiver attempts to hit back the shuttlecock while the service was made in any way possible, either by swinging old moving his racket towards its direction, then such service will be considered valid, and no action needs to be taken.

If you are at the receiving in and a server is trying to rush you through the game, do not make any attempt to revert to the shuttlecock and stay still. Raising your hand as a gesture for them to stock from serving and leaving the shuttlecock alone when he serves eventually will help you call a Let.

It would be best if you only dropped your hands once you are completely ready. The rules for such scenarios will only be in favor of the receiver. So don't let the server deceive or bully you into being rushed.

  • Both the server and the receiver are faulted.

This is one of the very rare situations. However, if the circumstances occur when both the receiver and server are faulted during a service, they would call for a Let.

It is alright for the server and receiver to be faulted for two different reasons, and the sequence of events might happen one after the other. It is irrelevant as to which event occurred before, though; in either case, if both players get faulted, then you need to play a Let.

  • A situation arising with the shuttlecock getting caught on or inside the nets

This is the Let that can be applied after the serve. In this case, if the shuttle gets stuck on top or within the boundaries of the side of the receiver of the net, then such a scenario has to be called a Let, and the server will get the opportunity to serve again.

To elaborate it a little more, it will be called a Let after the service is returned only if the shuttlecock gets caught and remains suspended on the server's side, or eventually gets caught on it's after passing over. However, in these situations occurring in wheelchair badminton, the situation will be considered as a fault.

In an ordinary course of the scenario, the situation is termed as a Let and not a fault because the players will have the chance to hit next for returning the shot. A logical conclusion is given proper thought.

In other situations, if the shuttlecock gets stuck in the nets of the server's side, and it does not go over to the receiver's end, then it will be termed as a fault.

  • When the shuttlecock falls apart

This is the rarest of the rare situations which might have never taken place ever before. However, there is no denying that such a situation cannot arise. And even if it might not arise for the next games ever, there is always a possibility that needs precautions from before.

Suppose Superman is playing and manages to smash so hard that the shuttlecock might explode and fall apart. As hilarious as it may sound but such a situation will need you to play a Let. Otherwise, it will be unruly and unfair to carry on with just a cork.

Even the BWF has made the law about a possible situation as such, that states that if the shuttlecock is disintegrated and separates from the base, then it shall be treated as a Let.

No matter the number of feathers that fall off during the rally, it is only when the cork completely disintegrates and separates from the rest of the shuttle that such a circumstance will arise. The players will not be able to play with it any further. They will have to play the point again with a new shuttlecock immediately.

  • Any occurrence of multiple shuttlecocks or outside disruptions on the court

This is nothing but a rule of safety and needs to be followed strictly. There can be instances when stray shuttles and other objects are hurled upon on the court and disrupt the players from playing their shots.

In this case, the referee will be entitled to determine the situation for a Let if any players get distracted or the play gets disrupted from the opposite side's coach.

Such a situation should never happen, and an environment as such should not take place where the players would get hurt because they did not stop the rally on time when a stray object is thrown directly at them or lands on the court eventually. It is not an acceptable moment if someone trips and hurts himself due to the situation.

Even during an intense match, the players should always call out straight away if they see anything that isn't right or tend to endanger their health and life, their partner's life, or even the other players' health and life in the court.

Apart from these occurrences, several other disruptions may occur during a game, including the spectators shouting at the players to distract their attention or people taking flash photography that would cause distraction from the game.

  • A close call between in or out

This is indeed a very tricky situation. When playing at the club level badminton kings and daily e recreational games, the people concerned do not have any lines are there for referees to call out the shuttlecock as in or out. In such cases, the players' honesty needs to be relied upon for making the right decision through the scenario.

The right discipline goes when the player closest to the shuttlecock makes the call when it lands to him. If he is unsure of the service, he can call it a Let. There is no denying the fact that many people take this situation too far.

But it is always the duty and responsibility of every player to show good sportsmanship and accept the call. However, they also have to be honest with themselves when making such a decision.

However, in a more competitive match, the referee and the line judges will decide as and when required. The players can also call a Let when the line judges can't see the hit, or the referee fails to make such calls on time.

Currently, international badminton is being played with the Hawkeye system's incorporation similar to tennis, so that the empires and the line judges can make these closer calls. Such a system helps the players to make the right decisions when the decision-makers fail.

  • An arising of an unexpected or accidental situation

This is quite a vague situation to call a Let. The rule isn't clear about what can be termed as an accidental or unforeseen situation.

Such situations can count anywhere between including extra shuttle landing on the court to any person individually invading the court premises during the game's commencement. Such situations can also involve the lights going out for the fire drills going off. It is truly a very random and bizarre event that can cause such a Let to occur.

A few related questions on the matter

Is it allowed to hit the net on a serve?

Yes, it is alright if the shuttle hits the net on its way over to the opponent's court while serving during badminton. If the opponent leaves it and lands in their court, the service will be counted, and you will win a point. However, if the shuttlecock hits the net and lands outside, you will lose the point.

What is termed as a Let serve in badminton?

A Let serve is when the server starts the service even before the receiver signals his readiness or if the shuttlecock gets stuck anywhere on the net while trying to make a pass.

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